Upgrade Membership

Understanding your upgrade membership is of our utmost priority.

About Membership

Travel N Pal rewards its customers for spreading the word of its travel package booking platform, as well as participating in its exotic and adventurous travel packages. This reward comes in the form of advancement in membership level. With each advancement comes better pricing, free add on for tour packages, and even exclusive tour packages.

Membership Tier

  • Level 1 (Standard Pal) – Upon Signup
  • Level 2 (Advance Pal) – Upon Reaching 100 Referral Points
  • Level 3 (Premium Pal) – Upon Reaching 300 Referral Points

How to Advance via Referring (Earn 20 Membership Points)

Simply request that those whom you referred to enter your membership ID during registration. Upon successful registration, 20 referral points will be awarded to your account.

How to Advance via Participation (Earn 60 Membership Points)

Whenever you are participating in a Travel N Pal travel package, simply enter your membership ID during checkout. Upon full payment, 60 points will be awarded to your account.